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Hear what Elynx clients have to say about our livestock software products…

Luke Evans – Pastoral Operations Manager

Luke oversees a major Northern Australian pastoral operation and also operates his own family farm in NSW. Both entities use StockMate to record cattle numbers, monitor performance, including weight gain and herd fertility, and for a full overview of pastoral operations.

Hear what Luke has to say about StockMate in an interview with Elynx’s Emily Pollock at Beef Australia 2024. Here are some extracts:

“I love to easily see the performance of the herd… As animals are coming through I can see weight gains and breed compositions. It allows me to draft into as many lines as I want and easily tally numbers...

“StockMate allows me to keep track of the origin of cattle. You know if some cattle have been missed in the draft or if you draft more than anticipated in a session. StockMate flags animals to be followed up and … it’s easy to reconcile at the end of the day…

“It’s easily connected to existing yard equipment like EID readers and scale heads… The time saved analysing and reconciling at the end of the day is enormous!”

Martin Ilett – Livestock Breeder – Coastal Queensland

“We’re a breeding operation near the coast. My grandfather started breeding in the 80’s and my brother and I are now the 3rd generation of the family to be breeding cattle. We focus on fertility and weight gain.  We subscribed to Elynx (StockMate) after Beef 2018 because it had the features and simplicity that we needed from a livestock software.

Previous to that we were trying to do everything by paper, but it was a nightmare

I’ve got so many features and things that I love about the software it’s hard for me to name just one, but I would have to say probably the best bit, and the bit that sold me, was the ability to rapidly change sessions. I can go from branding calves in the morning running one set of data to preg testing heifers on a completely different set of data in the arvo, no stress and no confusion. The simplicity is amazing, and I know with confidence now, I could virtually hand anyone that tablet and I would get the data back that I need for our operation.”

Amanda Moohen – Condabri Beef

Amanda is Chief Operating Officer of Condabri Beef, a family owned and operated integrated Feedlot, Backgrounding & Farming Enterprise. The feedlot uses Elynx’s acclaimed feedlot suite including FY3000 and StockaID. Here’s what Amanda had to say about data integrity and Elynx’s software:

“To drive vendor feedback, efficiency and key performance indicators, you need a reliable source for all your data integrity needs day in and day out.

The Elynx software programs offer all of this and the ease of data capturing and recording is perfect for all your cattle recording needs.” – Condabri Beef