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Mobile and cloud based App for Breeders, Graziers and Backgrounders

Lifetime traceability, performance management

Livestock producers use the StockMate App in cattle yards and in the office. Crush-side it works on an Android tablet. The StockMate Mobile App interfaces with weigh scale devices, EID readers and auto gate systems. StockMate allows users to capture data (weight, treatments & medicines, traits, breed, gender, cattle type, mob, etc.). They can record breeding processes such as joining sessions and pregnancy testing. The App provides instant access to full lifetime histories for every animal together with livestock performance metrics.

Users can even add notes, photos and documents to every animal and session.

Once processing in the yards and pens is complete, the mobile StockMate App can be synced to the StockMate cloud as soon as the user is in internet range. On the website users can generate powerful customised reports; forecast gains and future weights, edit sessions, perform bulk operations and much more.

StockMate offers exceptional integration with the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) database and allows users to reconcile records, download tag buckets and upload details of animal arrivals, deaths and EID replacements.

Users can also opt-in for StockMate Financials, a module which allows producers to record and report on costs and sales for individual and groups of animals.


Mobile App: Android

Download latest Mobile App for Android devices here

Cloud based management: Web browsers.