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Weighbridge3000 (FY3Weigh) is a companion product to FY3000 and StockaID. FY3Weigh generates
weighbridge tickets for the receival and dispatch of commodities and livestock, and can be configured
to connect to most common weighbridges.



Links truck scales to Feedlot 3000

The WeighBridge 3000 module provides a link between electronic truck and cattle scales and the Feedlot 3000 program. This link allows importing of commodity load information directly into the commodity management module.

The major attributes are:

  • ‘Trucker Friendly’ operation for locations that need after hours operations of the weighbridge program.
  • Utilizes contract and pricing information from the Feedlot 3000 system without double entry.
  • Multiple load tracking between weighing in and weighing out. Allows trucks to get out of order before weighting out without mixing weights.
  • Can interface cattle arrival information with StockaID.
  • Can handle split truck weighs when weighing road trains and the weighbridge is not long enough to fit the entire truck on at once.


Windows (PC or Laptop)