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FY3000 (Feedlot3000)

Lot Based Feedlot Management System

Manage commodities, vendors, feeding, pens, movements & contracts

Performance orientated –

FY3000 allows users to manage commodities, vendors, livestock, feeding operations and financials. Feedlot3000 is a mission-critical tool for producers with 5000+ head on feed.


  • Records purchase, feed, production and disposal costs for every lot of cattle
  • Manages rations, customers, vendors, commodity contracts, pen maintenance & livestock movements
  • Interfaces with StockaID, FeedBunk3000 & Weighbridge3000
  • Generates powerful reports for key stakeholders including ‘Close-Out’, ‘Cash Position’ and ‘Gross Margin’ Reports
  • Backed by a nation-wide technical support network


Windows (Server, PC, or Laptop)