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About Elynx

The Company

Elynx Pty Ltd develops software for livestock producers in Australia and overseas.

The company was established in 2000 to service the Australian feedlot industry and has since expanded its product range to include software for all stages of animal production. As a result, its software suite now covers livestock breeders, growers, backgrounders and feedlots.

Applications include FY3000 (Feedlot3000), StockaID and Bunk Management System (BMS) for the feedlot sector and StockMate for extensive livestock production.

Elynx is based in Toowoomba in Queensland, Australia but it services a wide range of national and international clients. Its products are fully scalable and clients include many of Australia’s largest beef producers, pastoral corporations and vertically integrated entities together with numerous smallholders.

The Elynx team consists of software architects, developers, product testers, technical support consultants and an administration arm. Product development reflects constant industry interaction and new features are based on expert internal and external advice.

Elynx has a reputation for responsiveness to industry requirements, its highly qualified and experienced support staff and exceptional client service.

The company also has strategic alliances with a major US software developer and with animal nutritionists and industry leaders in Australia and overseas.

In addition to product development and sales, Elynx’s services include site installations, software training and technical support for the full product range.

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