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Livestock Management Software

Breeding, grazing, backgrounding and feedlot applications


Mobile App for Grazing & Backgrounding 


Technical Support, Data migrations, Installations, Process Consults


Breeding, grazing and backgrounding App

StockMate is a Mobile tablet based app for livestock management. Record data for individual animals and for whole mobs. The software captures RFID, weight, treatments, history and all key animal data. Calculates average daily gain. Records all movements. Full paddock book functionality includes mapping and forage records. Integrates with StockaID. Syncs with cloud. Powerful export and reporting functions.

Feedlot Software Suite

Critical Performance and Cost Control

In a feedlot environment, cost control and scientific management of the herd is essential for success. Elynx’s legendary feedlot systems are tried and true.  Our solutions scale from small yard fully mobile feeding control solutions, through to very large yard feeding, stock control and individual management systems with integrated financial analysis.


Individual Animal Management software for serious Feeders

StockaID is an individual animal identification and management software program created by Elynx Pty Ltd. It captures animal data from a range of sources including weigh scales, EID readers and manual input by feedlot staff.

The unique aspect of this program is in allowing objective analysis of information, to assess individual animal history trends (i.e. birth to carcase). Remove the subjectivity from your decision making process by analysing animal production and management parameter variables as required to confirm or deny general observations. Customised reports can be created to meet your unique information requirements.


Lot-based Feedlot Management System

FY3000 allows users to manage commodities, vendors, livestock, feeding operations and financials. Performance oriented. Exceptional power. Exceptional reporting.

A mission-critical tool for producers with 5000+ head on feed.

Records purchase, feed, production and disposal costs for every lot of cattle.

Manages rations, customers, vendors, commodity contracts, pen maintenance and much, much more…


Livestock Feeding Module

Feedbunk3000 offers a layer of additional function for feedlots already utilising the powerful FY3000 software. As well as catering for a wide range of feeding and bunk management options, interfacing with feed truck scale systems and easing the management of every facet of the feeding process, FeedBunk3000 generates exceptional reports and interfaces with FY3000 and StockaID

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